Stress in Our Ranks

Planners have a lot to deal with. While an outsider might think organizing meetings is a cushy job, our own experience and ongoing research prove otherwise. In fact, for the second year in a row, the job of "event coordinator" is ranked number 5 on CareerCast's list of Most Stressful Jobs -- after enlisted military personnel, fire-fighter, airline pilot and police officer.

As M&C contributor Kevin Iwamoto noted in a recent Industry Insights blog on the rankings, "Event planners must be masters at managing projects, building relationships, developing best practices, managing budgets, coordinating logistics, setting agendas, overseeing F&B and securing accommodations -- not to mention practicing duty of care/risk management and meeting GDPR requirements and much more. No wonder the job is ranked at number 5!"

I was reminded of this while spending a few days on the front lines of our industry last month at Northstar's Destination California event, held at the stunning Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Not only did our surroundings, right across the bay from downtown San Diego, lower my own stress levels, but one of our speakers, Linda Illingworth, a registered dietitian and founder of Nutrition Muse, emphasized to all of us in attendance that while planners are laser-focused on caring for others, "you need to be at the top of that list. Self-care must come first so that you have the energy and well-being to do your job effectively."

As a member of the sixth most stressful profession -- news reporter -- I took that to heart, and you should, too. To get started, read "10 Easy Ways to Stress Less, Eat Better and Feel Awesome."