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First Local Zika Virus Case Confirmed in Texas
The state's response will include increased surveillance.

Zika Travel Advisory Lifted for Sections of Miami Beach 
The Greater Miami CVB and local hotel association also are developing a pledge to outline mosquito mitigation in region

World Health Organization Lifts Zika Emergency, Prepares for Long-Term Fight 
Head of WHO emergency committee calls virus a "significant and enduring threat"... Meetings & Conventions

CDC Updates Zika Statistics for U.S. and Territories
Among locally acquired cases, Puerto Rico reports 31,294 and Florida 139.

Zika Ravages Testes of Mice; Study Raises Concern About Male Fertility
A study raises a new specter about the virus's threat to people.

CDC Posts New Map of Miami Showing Zika Trouble Spots
Pregnant women are advised not to travel to the area.

CDC Warns Pregnant Women to Avoid Travel to Southeast Asia
New statement lists 11 countries where visitors have contracted Zika.

CDC: Travelers From Zika Areas Should Avoid Mosquitos for Three Weeks After Returning Home
After biting an infected person, mosquitos can then pass the virus to others.

Once Again, Congress Fails to Pass Zika Bill
Measure not voted on as political parties squabble.

AH&LA and U.S. Travel Association Urge Congressional Action on Zika Funding
The two organizations sent a letter to leaders of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Florida Finds Zika in Local Mosquitoes
Authorities are blaming a particular flower for making mosquito control much more difficult.

Zika Virus Infects 41 Singapore
Officials say several people have recovered, but the virus was transmitted locally... Meetings & Conventions

Locally Transmitted Zika Case Confirmed on Florida's West Coast
Officials do not believe mosquitos are actively spreading the virus in Pinellas County... Meetings & Conventions
Some Destinations Are Benefitting as Travelers and Groups Avoid Zika 
Bermuda, Las Vegas and others are welcoming diverted business.

Gulf Coast States Most Vulnerable to Zika
An NIH official said the virus could be around for a year or two.

Officials: Zika Won't Hurt South Florida Tourism in Long Run 
A convention coming in September is adding repellant to goody bags... Meetings & Conventions

Tourists Are Concerned About Zika in Florida, But Few Are Changing Plans
A new study from the University of Florida shows a high level of awareness among travelers.

Miami Beach Official: No Confirmation of Zika Spreading Beyond Wynwood Neighborhood
Recent infections outside that area are under investigation... Meetings & Conventions

Texas Resident's Zika Case Linked to Miami Travel
Health officials say this is the first known case linked to travel within the continental U.S.

Three Caribbean Nations Added to CDC's Zika Alert List
The Cayman Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and Turks and Caicos are the latest destinations in the region that have been singled out for the virus.

Puerto Rico Tourism Drops as Zika Infections Accelerate
Infections had been relatively stable since November, but new cases have growing exponentially since April.

Key West Gets OK to Release Genetically Modified Mosquitos
The FDA has approved the trial program, which aims to fight the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Miami CVB Head Addresses Zika Concerns
In an exclusive interview with M&C, William Talbert shares his organizations's immediate plans for handling the crisis.

CDC Issues Travel Guidance for Miami Neighborhood With Active Zika Spread
Recommendations show emphasis on pregnant women and their partners.

Four Mysterious Zika Cases in Florida Do Not Appear Travel Related
Health officials fear mosquitos in Florida are now spreading the virus.

Fear of Zika Virus Linked to Decline in Caribbean Hotel Performance, Per STR
All key performance metrics are down for the first four months of the year.

New Evidence Confirms Zika Causes Birth Defects
The virus is definitively linked to microcephaly and other fetal brain abnormalities.

Contracts and the Zika Virus
Can you cancel if attendees decide not to travel?

M&C Poll: How Is Zika Affecting Current and Future Meetings?
Meeting professionals are understandably concerned about upcoming events in Zika-affected areas, per an exclusive M&C poll.

The Zika Dilemma: A Physician's Advice for Travelers
When to cancel or postpone - and how to proceed with caution

New Study Supports Link Between Zika Virus and Microcephaly
Most instances of Zika accompanied by the birth defect still are found in northeastern Brazil.

Brazil Tourism President: Zika Has Had Little Effect on Group Travel
Meetings and events are going forward as planned, Embratur's Vinicius Lummertz tells M&C.

AIG Offers Free Video on Zika Facts and Precautions
Insurance firm's medical director provides detailed advice for travelers and meeting professionals.

Zika Casts a Pall on Some Company Retreats
Concerns about Zika are keeping some employees from attending company retreats.

International Tourists Swarm to Brazilian Carnaval in Record Numbers
Despite Zika concerns, many cities broke attendance records.

On New Site Blog, Incentive Planners Share How Zika is Affecting Their Programs
Members report few program cancellations, many questions from clients

President Asks Congress for $1.8 Billion to Fight Zika; $250 Million Earmarked for Puerto Rico
President Barack Obama is asking Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus. Feb. 9, 2016

Most Travel Insurance Won't Cover the Zika Virus
For the majority of policies, even CDC travel advisories are not adequate reason for cancellation. Feb. 8, 2016

Florida Governor Declares Zika Emergency
Gov. Rick Scott declared a health emergency in four counties Wednesday after nine cases of the Zika illness were detected in Florida. Feb. 4, 2016

American Hotel & Lodging Association Addresses Zika Concerns, Provides FAQ Sheet
Hotels already follow strict protocols to prevent the spread of disease, per AH&LA. Feb. 3, 2016

U.S. Travel Association Readies Response to Zika Threat 
The organization will serve as a bridge between the travel industry, government and health officials, per president and CEO Roger Dow. Feb. 3, 2016

New Resource Center Warns of 'Avoidable Harm' to Travel Industry 
Established by the Business Travel Coalition, the site will be updated with the latest information daily. Feb. 3, 2016

M&C Survey: Meeting Professionals Consider Canceling, Moving Meetings Due to Zika Virus 
Concerns about the virus already have many changing plans. Feb. 2, 2016

Where Is Zika Active? CDC Identifies Virus Transmission Areas 
Cases are likely to increase in United States via travelers. Jan. 29, 2016

World Health Organization Calls for Emergency Committee Meeting on Zika Virus 
Experts will meet in Geneva on Monday to discuss the rapidly spreading global health concern. Jan. 28, 2016

United, American Offering Refunds for Travel to Zika Areas  
Two major U.S. airlines are offering refunds to passengers worried about the Zika virus outbreak. Jan. 27, 2016