Best Practices: Easy Apps to the Rescue

Free ways to organize event logistics, teams and more

Jason Michaels

Budgeting aid
For quick and easy expense tracking, consider downloading Monefy. This budgeting app displays event expenses in either of two ways: as charts or detailed lists. Monefy also allows users to back up and export their financial data, all with just one click.  

 Rotten WiFi rates the quality of WiFi connections in hotels around the world. The app also has a speed-test feature that reveals the real speed of your current connection.

 Turn your phone into a walkie-talkie via Heytell. The app delivers twice the frequency range of a phone call.

Whether you are planning a large-scale fundraiser or an intimate dinner for VIPs, there are some useful apps that can help you organize the details, track your budget and communicate seamlessly with staff.

Following is a roundup of eight of our favorites; all are available for iOS or Android systems. An added bonus: All (with the exception of the app for iOS, which costs less than $1) are free.

To streamline overall event planning and logistics, try the following.

Bizzabo. This handy all-in-one event-management software app helps planners build event websites and maximize event experiences. Among Bizzabo's capabilities: It allows planners to communicate with attendees before, during, and after the event and view real-time analytics for everything from social media sharing impressions to tracking ticket sales for fundraisers, galas, etc.

Trello. This helpful tool lets planners organize logistics for events of any size via boards for specific tasks, team assignments and discussions with comments. Trello enables users to upload file attachments, add labels, create checklists and add due dates.


Keep track of social media impressions and organize event images with the following.

Hootsuite. This social media publishing tool has several features useful for planners: It lets users manage multiple social media accounts; schedule posts, messages and tweets; review social media analytics, and track event mentions.

Eversnap. This fun app helps you keep track of all the images from an event. Team members, attendees and vendors can upload their photos and videos (of any length!) to the app, so everything can be shared. An added bonus: The site gives you unlimited storage space for photos and videos.

Being able to track and share different event components and team actions are critical for an event's success. The following tools can assist.

Asana. Designed to enable teamwork without email, this app has a number of useful features. Users can create tasks and to-do lists, track projects, hold conversations, add comments and schedule follow-ups. Note that this app is best suited for small teams, as it supports a maximum of 15 team members.

Slack. This team communication system enables real-time messaging between team members, making it perfect for on-site event communications. In addition to providing a quick alternative to lengthy back-and-forth emails, users can upload and share photos and videos.

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