Palace Resorts to Unveil Luxury Resort Within Moon Palace Cancun


A conference room at The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun

A major expansion is underway at Moon Palace Cancun in Mexico, which will result in a new resort concept within the property, to debut in February 2017. The $450 million project, now underway, will add 1,000 guest rooms, bringing the sprawling resort's total to 3,000 rooms, according to Alan Doyle, vice president of sales, meetings and incentives for Palace Resorts. Doyle outlined the plan during a recent meeting with M&C. 

How will rooms in the Grand at Moon Place differ from the other rooms at the resort?
They will be 800 square feet -- double the size of any guest room in the Palace Resorts portfolio. These rooms will offer guests a new standard in luxury all-inclusive resort accommodations with elegantly modern décor. 

 Are new restaurants part of the plan?
Yes, the Grand will have 10 restaurants, and we're introducing new cuisines that we have not offered at any of our properties -- Peruvian, Lebanese, French, tapas -- along with Mexican, Caribbean, Italian and Asian.

How about dedicated meeting space?
We will have 125,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space. We're adding a lot of outdoor function space, such as raised terraces and open-air balconies. In fact, all the indoor meeting space is being built with associated outdoor areas. Among the rooms will be a theater with almost 100 seats. 

What are some unique activities you can offer groups at your properties?
As part of the Palace Foundation, we as a company are doing a lot of charitable work in the communities surrounding our properties. We donate our time. We built an orphanage, Casa Hogar, in Cancun, which is really an eight-villa resort complex that houses 96 children. Groups are offered those CSR options. We recently had a group from Ben & Jerry's, and they helped with remodeling a small school, painting, decorating and planting trees. 

At Moon Palace Cancun we can easily set up a 5K or a 10K run within the resort grounds. We have done that for many groups, either as a fundraiser for charity, or just as a part of the agenda items for those who want to participate. It's a lot of fun.