What Planners Really Want in a Hotel Room

I'll admit it: I am NOT a germophobe. I will go barefoot in a hotel room (I know, I know). I'm not afraid to put clothes in the dresser drawers. I use the drinking glasses (after giving them a quick rinse in the sink). But, before anyone freaks out, rest assured I NEVER use the bedspread.

Most of you are a bit more cautious. Per M&C's recent survey on planner's personal travel habits, more than half of meeting professionals rarely or never put their belongings in hotel dresser drawers. Just 44 percent of the 117 respondents completely unpack their suitcases. Men are more likely to live out of their luggage: 27 percent don't unpack at all, compared with 14 percent of women.

Given those findings, it's no surprise that just 21 percent say dresser drawers are "extremely important" in a hotel room, while 36 percent cite closet space as a priority.

The top two musts in guest rooms are not surprising, either: cleanliness (cited by 92 percent) and a comfortable bed (89 percent). But from there it gets interesting (hoteliers, listen up!). Number three is outlets, per 79 percent of respondents, closely followed by a quiet room (75 percent) and good water pressure (67 percent).

Not to knock the importance of pleasant décor, but just 30 percent say that's key. Among room features deemed more critical are closet space (36 percent), an empty fridge (also 36 percent), blackout curtains (34 percent) and a magnifying mirror (30 percent). Note, all of those are relatively low in cost for a property to provide.

What can go? The stocked minibar has seen its day; just 2 percent of meeting professionals really want one in their rooms. Ditto the alarm clock, a priority for only 12 percent. Personally, I still love a nice view from my room, but just 23 percent of meeting professionals call it extremely important.

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Share your thoughts on hotel-room priorities and pet peeves in the comments field below. I look forward to your feedback!