Better Yet: Picking Up the Slack

SCBY Desk StackWith layoffs come increased workloads for those left stand­ing. At the same time, many planners are coping with shorter lead times and increased scrutiny from bosses and the public. Paul Facella, CEO of Lynbrook, N.Y.-based Inside Management, offers tips for handling extra work.

Clarify expectations. If you inherit responsibilities from a former colleague, get your boss to provide you with a detailed job description for the work.

Share accountability. Make sure to bring your boss into the loop frequently. Ask for constructive feedback while also making him or her aware of -- and jointly responsible for -- issues that might arise.

Keep to your schedule. Stick to your regular work routine. "If you allow longer hours and workplace stress to take a toll on your mental and physical health, you'll be no good to your company," Facella says.

Think just like a boss. Prove that you are indispensable. Suggest more efficient ways to do business. Put down in writing your very best ideas for cutting costs.