14 Airlines Most Likely to Lose Your Luggage

It's that time of year when the U.S. Department of Transportation produces its report on which airlines are the most efficient at losing their customers' luggage during the previous 12 months. Herewith, the worst offenders of 2014 (numbers represent reports of lost bags per 1,000 passengers):

Envoy Air: 8.82
ExpressJet Airlines: 5.82
AirTran Airways: 4.81
SkyWest Airlines: 4.78
Southwest Airlines: 4.27
American Airlines: 3.84
United Airlines: 3.68
US Airways: 3.65
Alaska Airlines: 2.66
Delta Air Lines: 2.44
Hawaiian Airlines: 2.2
JetBlue Airways: 2.08
Frontier Airlines: 1.78
Virgin America: 0.97

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation