Canadian NEXUS Members Eligible for PreCheck

The Transportation Security Administration has expanded its PreCheck expedited-screening program to include Canadian members of the NEXUS Trusted Traveler program, effective Nov. 15. Previously, only U.S. citizens were eligible for PreCheck. NEXUS, one of several Trusted traveler programs under the auspices of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, is a joint effort by the U.S. and Canadian governments to expedite travel between the countries. NEXUS lines are provided at various airports and ports of entry in the U.S. and Canada for pre-screened, low-risk travelers who have been approved by both nations to carry NEXUS ID cards. While NEXUS serves to speed up the international arrival process, PreCheck, which is now available in 27 U.S. airports for five different airlines, offers expedited security screening for eligible passengers on U.S. domestic flights. PreCheck eligibility is embedded in boarding-pass bar codes at the time of booking. "TSA is committed to expanding TSA PreCheck benefits to a growing passenger population in an effort to strengthen transportation security through risk-based methods," said TSA Administrator John S. Pistole in a statement.