Limited Service Has Returned to Houston Airports


Limited domestic airline passenger service has returned to George Bush International Airport and Houston Hobby Airport following several days offline during Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.

According to the Houston Airport System, flights are being phased into service, with the full schedule expected to return this weekend. Passengers are advised to contact individual air carriers for specific flight updates. Only those passengers with a ticket for a confirmed scheduled flight should head out to the airports. 

In a statement, the airport authority said, "Many roads around the city of Houston are still unsafe for travel, therefore, we urge all passengers to take their time arriving to the airports and to solidify a safe route to and/or from our facilities."

A United Airlines spokesman said to the Chicago Tribune that United Airlines would operate three flights into George Bush from O'Hare, Newark Liberty and San Francisco airports on Wednesday, and three flights departing from Houston to Chicago, Newark and Denver. The airline said it will run a limited number of flights between Houston and its hub airports on Thursday before starting to fly some regional routes on Friday.