Loews Offers Global Entry Enrollment to Platinum Members

 Loews Hotels & Resorts is offering complimentary enrollment in the U.S. government's Global Entry program to its premier loyalty-club members. For a 60-day period beginning this past Monday, Loews YouFirst Platinum members are able to enroll in the Global Entry program, with the hotel company covering the $100 application fee. Global Entry, which is administered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, allows expedited clearance for pre-screened, pre-approved international travelers upon arrival in the U.S. Its members can use automated kiosks upon arriving in the country, instead of waiting in line for screening by an immigration officer. U.S. citizens approved for Global Entry automatically qualify to participate as well in the PreCheck expedited screening program, which is run by the Transportation Security Administration. That program, being offered at a growing number of U.S. airports, allows pre-approved passengers to pass through security more quickly. Loews is the first hospitality company to coordinate such a program with these government initiatives. "We are dedicated to improving our guests' complete travel experience, from airport security checkpoints to hotel check-ins," said Loews CEO and president Paul Whetsell in a statement.