Labor Disputes Loom for Marriott Properties in Eight U.S. Cities

The Renaissance Boston hotel, whose union contract has expired

A labor dispute might be in store for Marriott International properties in eight major U.S. cities, according to Unite Here, the union that represents workers in the hospitality industry and other sectors in the United States and Canada. Union contracts have expired for 20 hotels in Boston (8 hotels); Detroit (1); Oakland (1), San Diego (1) and San Jose (1), Calif.; Seattle (1), and seven locations in Hawaii. Contracts for seven Marriott properties in San Francisco are due to expire on Aug. 15 if no agreement is reached.

Unite Here has created a website to monitor developments, called Marriott Travel Alert, which will provide updates on disputes and the status of each city where contracts have expired, advising whether possible disruptions such as strikes or picketing could occur. According to the organization, which represents more than 12,000 Marriott workers, among the key contract demands are comprehensive sexual-harassment protections. The breakdown of the affected properties are

Last week, Unite Here Marriott workers staged demonstrations at Marriott properties across the United States, advocating for new contracts and salaries that better support families, as well as safer workloads and protection from sexual harassment. 

Marriott has not yet responded to M&C's request for comment.