More Annoying Hotel Charges

"My most annoying charge is the Internet connection fee. We already pay ridiculous prices for the hotel room. Internet is like having a phone or a TV -- it should be included free in the room."
Samantha Boitson
Events Manager
Smiths Medical
Norwell, Mass.

"Here are my thoughts: Because my company, MicroTek, specializes in the delivery of education-based programs, I would have to say that our most frustrating costs revolve around A/V charges. More specifically, Internet-connection charges and LCD projector rental costs. For example, a recent hotel bid seemed quite reasonable -- until we saw that they wanted more than $50,000 for Internet connections for the 100 PCs we planned to bring in. And I have been quoted anywhere from $25 a day for a projector (in a small Ohio hotel) to more than $600 per day here in Chicago! I have even thought about buying my own projectors for each event and then donating them to charity or local schools when the event is over. Most of the time this would prove to be a more cost-effective option -- if I just had the time to organize such an undertaking!"
Beth A. Becker
Global Meeting Services Manager

"High Internet charges! I find it very annoying when a facility, claiming to be a "green" property, charges high fees for the use of a wired Internet connection in its meeting space. This typically results in high quantities of paper handouts as well as untimely delays in presentation edits or business transactions. I feel that meeting facilities should respect that technology has progressed and offer wireless access, either as an amenity or with a nominal fee throughout the entire property, not just the lobby."
Marie Caci, CMP, CPCE, CSEP
Event and Meeting Specialist

"Most annoying is the exorbitant fee for Internet services. It is no longer a luxury -- it is a business necessity."
Susan Arts, CMP
Senior Planner
Meetings & Incentives
Caledonia, Wis.