MPI Winter Meetings Outlook Reveals Industry's Safety Concerns

The winter edition of Meeting Professionals International's quarterly survey of senior meeting professionals, including planners and suppliers, reveals their worries about safety and security, as 44 percent said they expect industry changes in relation to global terrorism threats. Related results show 15 percent of respondents expect to do more destination research and communicate more with their groups regarding risks, and 5 percent expect to do more attendee screening.

A number of questions further elaborate how meeting professionals see safety threats affecting their planning processes. About 20 percent of respondents expect to train their employees more thoroughly concerning safety, and 48 percent expect their costs to rise to cover more security. Another 9 percent are updating their safety procedures and contingency plans, 15 percent are adding more security staff, 5 percent are working with local and federal law enforcement, and 14 percent are developing new security plans altogether. 

Beyond security, while budgets are rising, meeting professionals report costs are increasing even more. The report shows spend is projected to increase by 1.6 percent this year (down, statistically, from findings in the Autumn Meetings Outlook), but prices are projected to increase by 4.1 percent overall.

The full winter Meetings Outlook  can be found here.