Senior Planners Industry Network Eliminates Membership Dues, Registration Fees for 2016

SPIN:Senior Planners Industry Network has eliminated membership dues and registration fees until the end of 2016.

"This is for all members," said Shawna Suckow, CMP, founder of the organization. "It's risky, but we figure if we get an influx of new members, and our new/current members get more engaged, it's worth it. With more members comes more sponsor interest, so that's primarily how we'll be funded this year. We realize that resources are limited and do not want the cost of membership to be the reason why a senior-level planner does not engage in our unique peer-to-peer community experience."

Free registration will make attending SPINCon, the annual North American conference, more affordable for members. The event takes place Nov. 13-15 this year; the destination has yet to be determined. Other education sessions available include SPIN:LearningLabs, SPIN:Roundtables and live branch events across North America. 

Suckow also said that the move is a way to say thank you to members. "Our hope is that by removing dues and fees in 2016, we will continue to grow our member engagement, which is the measure of success for us," she added.