Glisser Releases Mobile PowerPoint Integration for Events

The U.K.-based presentation technology provider Glisser is expanding into the U.S. market with the launch of a PowerPoint add-in for mobile functionality at events. The startup offers real-time integration between PowerPoint presentations and attendee mobile devices, allowing attendees to view slides on their devices, comment on the presentation as it happens, ask questions and interact via social channels.

Presenters can download Glisser to incorporate the PowerPoint add-in for their decks. The software is free to start, for up to five presentations and 100 attendees. Tiered pricing is available for more advanced and business users, as well as across an enterprise. The paid subscription models include access to audience-interaction data.

"We've proven that Glisser has a direct impact on audience engagement in business presentations and that companies across the world want to use it at their events," said Glisser CEO Mike Piddock. "Now we've just made it ridiculously easy to try, learn and use."

Glisser's PowerPoint add-in allows presenters to synchronize PowerPoint slides with the cloud, potentially only minutes before going on stage, according to the company. Attendees can interact with presentations via a unique URL in their mobile browsers. Newly available live polling allows presenters to drag and drop polls into place, with the results, questions and comments appearing live onscreen or in an analytics tool after the event.

The company has raised a US$1 million investment, which, according to Paddock, positions them for growth over the next year to a more global client portfolio.