Zentila to Launch New Platform for Third-Party Planners

Zentila, the hotel sourcing and SMM platform provider and a strategic partner of M&C parent company Northstar Travel Media, will announce a new platform this week for third-party and independent planners. The new online tool, Illuminate3P, addresses a number of needs specific to planners working in that environment. As with current Zentila products for organizations or occasional planners, the platform streamlines the sourcing process with a tailored request-for-proposal template, promising faster response times from hotel partners. Illuminate3P also seeks to ease the bid-aggregation process with a drag-and-drop, interactive bid summary that allows third-party planners to create a bid summary for clients easily and quickly. Planners provide clients with a link to view the latest summary updates online. Similarly, planners can increase transparency with their customers by adding them to the meeting RFP chain and giving them a bird's-eye view of the sourcing.

"There is a real need to show the customers the process," said Zentila CEO Mike Mason. "Their customers can now come in at any time and see the hotels that they're sourcing, they can see the bids that are coming back in real time; third-party planners can now give the visibility necessary to ensuring trust and gaining customers." Additional third-party functionality allows planners to customize commission splits and even forecast commission revenue, as well as create spend and savings reports by customer or by meeting. Zentila intends to launch Illuminate3P during the third week in June. Planners who sign up by June 19 here (http://meetings.zentila.com/illuminate3p) can obtain a free three-month trial. Pricing details will be announced shortly.