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Using film location scouts to find off-site venues

A Mint Location home in Northern California

A Mint Location
home in Northern California

When film directors need to find the perfect location for their shoots, they call Debbie Regan. For 15 years, Regan, who runs Debbie Regan Locations out of her home in Old Westbury, N.Y., has been finagling her way into private homes, estates and penthouses in the New York tristate area, with film crews in tow. Projects she’s worked on have starred the likes of Woody Allen, Robert DeNiro, Derek Jeter and 50 Cent.

Meeting and event planners also can lean on Regan or other location scouts who have established relationships with homeowners, to find properties not otherwise available to the public.

Want to organize an unforgettable dinner at an estate on a breathtaking mountaintop? Or in an Italian villa near the Golden Gate Bridge? Per-haps a ch0teau would do the trick? These venues are all part of the portfolio of Mint Locations, formed last year in San Francisco by location scout Cindi Osborn and former event planner Nancy Frumkes, and which specifically targets meeting planners as clients. “Our homes are ‘wow’ homes,” Frumkes explains. “When you walk up the driveway, you think, ‘Oh my God!’??”

Nancy Grigor, who operates Hamptons Locations in Amagansett, N.Y., says her corporate clients generally hold meetings at other properties and rely on her to find memorable places to spend the evening.

Scouts are used to satisfying a wide range of requests. “I just got a call for a 1-year-old’s birthday party for 250 people that specified it had to be a place nobody’s ever used before,” Regan says. “I’m thinking Mars.”