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How to Save Money on Your Next Meeting

From food and beverage to Internet services, these resourceful tips from expert meeting planners can help lower the cost of your next meeting.

Having a memorable meeting in a spectacular setting with all the perks -- from gourmet food to branded swag -- is what every planner hopes for. This year, thanks to steady growth in the industry, event schedules have been busier than ever. According to the American Express Global Meetings and Events Forecast, the numbers of meetings, attendees, days and cost per attendee are predicted to rise in North America throughout 2019.

Yet despite the increasing demand, costs are outpacing budgets, and increases in spending are not expected to keep up. So how do savvy planners keep the balance? They find creative ways to cut costs without reducing the wow factor that comes with presenting a unique, engaging event. Here are some tips from experienced planners to help keep your budget on track.

Land the Right Location
Holding your meeting close to transportation hubs -- airports, train stations, subways, bus stations -- not only makes getting to the destination more convenient for attendees, it also saves money by reducing or eliminating transportation costs.

"Choosing an event site that is on public transit or in a walkable location saves money on shuttles, rental cars and cabs while letting attendees enjoy the community," says Eric Wallinger, director of sustainability at MeetGreen in Portland, Ore. Cutting gas-powered transportation also helps reduce your event's carbon footprint.

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