CEIR Publishes Attendee-Retention Strategies for Exhibition Organizers

To help trade show organizers retain more attendees from year to year, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research has published a new report featuring 11 real-world attendee-retention case studies from industry executives.

Titled "2016 Attendee Retention Insights, Part Five: 11 Real-World Business-to-Business Exhibition Organizer Approaches to Attendee Retention Efforts," the report is the final in a series of research reports focusing on attendee retention. It explores whether the featured executives formally track attendee retention, how they create attendee-retention efforts, descriptions of these efforts and the methods used to evaluate outcomes.

"This last report offers invaluable context and examples of how attendee-retention efforts are handled at some of the top-ranked exhibitions in the United States," said CEIR president and CEO Brian Casey. "It provides examples of how to create content that responds to trends uncovered in the other focus reports. CEIR is grateful to these executives who graciously shared their stories that can help other events learn by their examples."

The other four reports in CEIR's "Attendee Retention Insights" series are:

• "Part One: Basics for Creating Your Attendee-Retention Strategy: Tracking, Profiling and Why They Come Back" (Published April 2016)

• "Part Two: Exhibition Floor Features That Build a Loyal Alumni Attendee Audience" (Published May 2016)

• "Part Three: Education Content That Builds a Loyal Alumni Attendee Audience" (Published May 2016)

• "Part Four: Special Activities and Amenities That Build a Loyal Alumni Attendee Audience" (Published June 2016)

"The CEIR 'Attendee Retention Insights' study series provides a comprehensive overview of factors that help convert first-time attendees to loyal alumni," Casey concluded. "For organizers looking to engage in strategic planning for their events this summer, these reports offer a great resource."

Find the reports here.