M&C's 2020 Meeting Professionals Salary Survey

Our exclusive biennial research offers a comprehensive view of salaries and job satisfaction for meeting planners. Findings explore job security, stress levels, the value of professional certifications and more.


Life sure has changed since 612 meeting planners took M&C's 2020 Salary Survey before the coronavirus and its dire consequences hit the meetings industry. While respondents probably would have different numbers to report now - not to mention changes in their employment status - these findings still give a benchmark for when, in the future, compensation normalizes again. 

Comparing 2019 salaries with 2017, the average increased by a healthy 7.5 percent since the biennial study was last conducted in 2018. Overall, last year planners earned an average base salary of $87,251. 

The gender pay gap is still wide, and it opened up again somewhat: While female meeting planners earned 89 cents on the male dollar in 2017, in 2019 it was 84 cents on the dollar, but still better than the national average of 79 cents to the male dollar. In the 2018 survey, planners in the Northeast United States made the most money; this year, the Pacific Northwest took that crown.

To gather the data, M&C conducted an online survey in January and February with help from members of Meetingjobs.com, compiling statistics from corporate, association and third-party/independent planners.

See the full report, including charts and infographic, at NorthstarMeetingsGroup.com.