Bye, Kids! We Won’t Miss You!

We give up a lot when we travel... but, honestly, we don't miss our kids very much. That's the plain truth as revealed by M&C's recent poll about planners' personal feelings and habits on the go.

Of the 117 respondents, 71 percent miss their spouses or partners "a lot" when they're away. Kids come in at a distant number two (29 percent), followed closely by their houses (26 percent) and beds (25 percent). Interestingly, more men (81 percent) miss their partners than do women (60 percent).

Almost as many (22 percent) are yearning for their dogs as for their children -- both far outnumbering the 14 percent who long for their cats. Friends, missed by 15 percent, also rank above felines. Least among those we miss is -- sorry to say -- our co-workers, cited by a small but caring 2 percent.

We're better at staying in touch via text than talk. While 58 percent have a phone conversation with their closest friends or family members at least once per day, 72 percent connect as often via text or email. More than one in four rarely or never call home, while 15 percent are unlikely to reach out digitally.

Also missed by respondents:
• My leather La-Z-Boy chair
• My pillow!
• Having coffee already brewed when I wake up
• My sister
• The comfort of home
• Local newspapers
• No one; they all take care of themselves.
• Depends on how long I'm gone. Sometimes I just enjoy the peace and quiet. Is that bad? :-)

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