Marriott Launches Innovative Workspace Program

 Marriott Hotels & Resorts has collaborated with design consultancy IDEO and workplace furniture maker Steelcase to make Marriott properties a testing ground for innovative work and meetings setups. "The Future of Work Innovation Co-Labs," as the program is called, is showcasing 10 prototypes this week at the Marriott Hotels & Resorts Global General Manager Conference in Los Angeles. The program is focused on evolving mobile work requirements, and the mindset and needs of the Gen X and Gen Y business travelers. The need to provide collaborative workspaces outside of traditional offices is increasing, according to Marriott. "By 2013, almost 35 percent of the global work force will work without an office," said Paul Cahill, Marriott senior vice president of brand management. "We are designing hotels for a new generation that is used to working how, where and oftentimes whenever they want."