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Are 'Planner Points' an Ethical Perk?

Some say rewards for group biz are a well-earned bonus

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Most meeting professionals belong to hotel loyalty programs that offer "planner points" for group business. Yet, opinions are strongly divided regarding how those points can -- or should -- be redeemed. Many of the 122 respondents to our survey shared additional comments with M&C; read more at mcmag.com/research.















Do you think it's ethical to use planner points for personal travel?
Absolutely; it's how the programs are structured    34%
It's a gray area, but I appreciate the perk            42%
I believe it's an unethical business practice        24%

Do you belong to any hotel frequent-guest programs?

96% Yes
4% No

Do frequent- guest programs influence your personal hotel choices?

33% Yes, greatly
30% Somewhat
15% Not much
20% Not at all
2% N/A

Source: M&C Research survey of 122 meeting professionals